tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

** i am enjoying a shiner bock while typing.

** oh how i love shiner bock.

** chace is having a grand time.

** he is loving being outside!

** according to ph, it is cold and rainy at home.

** chace got some new shoes today.

** i can not tell you how happy i am that chace is such a good traveller.

** mom and i are going to have some clothes sewing lessons this week.

** i am also going to work on that baby quilt remake i started last spring.

** there are some great season finale's on tv tonight.

** shows come on so much earlier here, which is nice.

** we are going to make nutella cookies for a dinner party this weekend.

** nutella is one of my new favorite food groups.

** i have been informed chace has a stinky diaper.

** off to change it......


  1. oh man, if you are visiting the rents you are supposed to get a break from stinky diaper duty!

  2. I'm emerging from my lurking ways purely because of the mention of nutella. We are a hardcore nutella household, which is amazing considering Eva just learned about nutella this past February. Anyways, get some Pillsbury Grands biscuits, fill them with nutella (a combination of strawberry jame and nutella is also especially delicious), pinch them shut and then bake according to the directions on the Grands can. I promise this will not disappoint....especially when paired with a cup of coffee and the newspaper on a nice Sunday morning. :)

    - Amanda

  3. Try Shiner light blonde. It's actually crazy good. And I'm not a blonde or a light person. I also had LoneStar for the first time last week at the Salt Lick. Tastes just like the MN homebrew Grain Belt Premium. It was almost like being back home. Except the weather was way better....and so was the bar-b-que.