i cant believe i just.....

Saturday, May 28, 2011

i can not tell you how many times
i have said this to myself
the last several days.

it began when
i let chace sleep in bed
with me in santa fe
because his ears and teeth hurt.

i cant believe i just let my 15 month old sleep in bed with me.

then in the atlanta airport
in the family restroom
chace decided to throw his
beloved duckie into the toilet.

i saved duckie from drowning, 
dried him off
and returned him to his keeper.

i cant believe i just took a lovey out of the toilet and gave it to my son.

thursday, it was warm out.
we were outside
and chace spotted a puddle.
i let him play in it.
he had a a blast.
i am still regretting that decision.

i cant believe i just let my son play in the puddle with his clothes on.

and to be quite honest, i cant believe i just admitted this to you.


  1. Welcome. I'm happy you're here...:). The I can't believe I just is a coveted parenting hotspot. Tell me you took photos of bean in that puddle??

  2. Count me as a believer that all 3 decisions were good, maybe even great (as long as the sleep arrangement was temporary....but that's just me) :) Little boys were MADE to splash in puddles! and clothes are washable...yay! And of course he needed his duckie....way to go, Mom! :)