do you wonder?

Monday, May 2, 2011

i can not believe that
two years ago today
we had our sweet cooper's memorial service.

yesterday, ph, chace and i spent
the morning at the arboretum
walking around, reflecting and tending to his garden.

the trees look much different
without all the handmade birds
full of love and hope and healing.

birds made by strangers
who wanted to help
heal the heart of a grieving mama

and bring comfort to little hearts
which need mending
and the families who love them so.

the children's hospital continues
to give cooper birds to each family
the day of their child's heart surgery.

they do not know who made the birds
they do not know our story
what they do know
is that someone is thinking of them
and their child during a most difficult time.

i still have a box of about 100 birds
in my basement.
we will continue to give out birds
until the box is empty.

i am not sure what
will happen after that.
perhaps i will make a plea
for more birds.

i will cross that bridge
when we get there.
for now i am just remembering
our sweet cooper, his short life
and all those birds in the trees.


  1. I would love to sew some birds for that box. Can you remind me where to find the sewing pattern for them?


  2. sending you love to all of you...xoxo