dear delta #2

Sunday, May 15, 2011

dear delta,
i just want you
to know that i have
been paying attention
to your new ads.

you know the ones
of which i speak.
the ads where you claim
to provide exceptional customer service.

the ads where you claim 
to be best in the business.
the ads where you promise 
to provide an enjoyable travel experience.

tomorrow morning,
my 15 month old son and i 
will board one of your planes
and travel to santa fe for 10 days.

i am hoping that we have 
a pleasant experience.
i hope that you are true to 
your words and provide exceptional service.

my last flight, on a different airline
was horrible.
i distinctly remember saying
how much i loved flying delta.

please, please, please
do not disappoint me.



  1. Good luck! I've had pretty good luck with Delta lately - hopefully you and Chace will too.

  2. Have a great time.I know you'll be a big help to your mom. I'll be going out there soon!