dear chace

Saturday, May 14, 2011

my dear sweet chace,

didn't i just write you? i don't know where the time goes, before i know it you will be leaving for college, preparing to make your mark on the world. i am not going to get ahead of myself, today you are 15 months old.

you are now sure footed. you can walk just about anywhere you want and on any surface.  you are close to a run. you just have not figured out how to keep your body from getting ahead of your feet. soon. very soon.  the warm weather is finally here and outside is the only place you want to be. you gather rocks, pinecones and sticks. you pick up mulch, touch the trees and smell the flowers. you are your father's child. nothing makes me happier. last night i looked out the window and you both were pulling weeds. it was the most precious thing ever,

you and i took our first solo trip. we met yaya in jamaica and had a wonderful time. you are such a good traveller. i am so grateful that you like to be on the go. you and i leave monday to go to santa fe for 10 days. in jamaica, you wanted to swim on your own so badly. you did not understand that you did not know how to swim. i tried and tried to explain to you that you didn't know how to swim and you kept telling me that you did. you wore yourself out exploring, swimming and playing in the clay.

when asked you can tell us what a sheep, snake, dog and cow say. you still love to read and we read many books on any given day. we need to work on expanding your palette. you would eat mac and cheese 3 times a day if allowed. fruit is still popular, but you want nothing to do with meat. i tried making you a hard boiled egg, you took one sniff and pushed it away. i hope that someday you will be a foodie like your dad and i.

your first acceptance letter arrived in the mail. i hope it is the first of many. you will be attending webster montessori school in the fall. i know this is one of the most important and life changing decisions your dad and i have made as parents.

this afternoon, we were all lying on our bed cuddling. it was the most magical moment. we are the sweetest child. i tried to make you promise that you would stay that way forever, not fair i know. you just threw your head back and laughed.

i never knew that being a parent could bring me such joy. thank you for that gift,

until next month.

love you always


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