Monday, May 9, 2011

today, chace and i met with the director of webster montessori for our official interview.
it went very well.
and i am happy to report that chace was accepted into the program.
once we sign all the paper work, it will be official.

he will start in september.

education is something that i feel very strongly about.
i believe with my whole heart
that it is my job as a parent to give chace the best possible educational foundation
so that he can achieve whatever it is he desires.

i believe that a montessori education 
will provide this foundation.
in a world that is full of technology,
information in sound bites,
and a desire for instant gratification,

i often wonder how much our children are learning?
if we are sucking the imagination out of our children
by overloading them with toys that blink, talk, and sing?
are taking the joy out of learning by having everything at our fingertips?

i want chace to love learning.
the way i loved learning.
i believe that montessori will help foster
his desire to seek knowledge.

one of the things that i noticed when
observing the toddler classroom last week
was the glaring absence of plastic, battery operated toys.
the classroom was filled with the most awesome wooden toys.

and the children were interacting with each other.
they were actively using their imaginations.
they were engaged in the learning process.
i could see there minds at work.

this is what i want for my son.
so, i will be cleaning house.
i will be removing all plastic/ battery operated toys from the house.
we will be a wooden toy only house.

of course there are a few exceptions.
like legos
or cars
and playmobile.

this was not a decision i took lightly
and i know not everyone will agree
but i believe in the montessori way
and that it will help chace soar to unimaginable heights.


  1. I wholly agree with you on the non talking/singing/blinking toys. We have plastic toys that don't talk though. Elena's favorites are Little People. Stella has a drum that sings the alphabet, every time she beats on it. Music+Letters/Numbers I'm okay with. The other things have gone, however.

    Imagination is a terrible thing to waste. A terrible thing to take for granted. Too great not to foster.

    I am with you. A gagillion percent.

    We've toyed with the idea of putting Elena in Montessori in the fall. She's already "ahead" of her preschool curriculum in a "normal" preschool...and I don't want to pay for her to re-learn the color orange, when she's already starting to sight read.

    I really think "No Child Left Behind" has damaged our state-run education systems. Bright kids are dumbed down. Kids who need more help are still ignored. The middle is underwhelmed.

    But I digress...

    Good for you!
    I'm so happy for bean...he's going to LOVE it.

  2. long as it is "Burnt Orange".....she can learn it over and over....Hook'em Horns....xoxo Luc's mom

  3. a subject i have so many thought on! our home has very little toys(especially thoses that make noise) many books, art supplies, and sooo much sport related items. we never used walkers, play pens etc. my kids were born to explore the world. there are plenty of others who will influence them in the areas i wish not to. last night their bath water was a very muddy color and i was happy about that. i can"t seem to scrub the grass stains off of lukes knees, and katherine loves to go barefoot, just like mom. luke wants to know when our lettuce and peas will be up in the garden, and our side yard now has a mowed baseball diamond(we do our own lawn here and it has dandelions, unlike the rest of pittsford ;) they pick me a bouquet daily. keep those thoughts luc, they are sure to raise wonderful kids. hope your well.

  4. I'm with you, sister!