tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

** the magnolia is in full bloom.

** it is glorious.

** unfortunately, it is not warm out.

** after spending an entire week outside, outside is the only place chace wants to be.

** he doesn't understand that it is 43 outside and raining.

** i realize i talk alot about the weather.

** we have decided that chace will attend montessori school starting in the fall.

** after visiting the school this morning, it is the perfect place for him.

** he still has to have an interview and be accepted, but who wouldnt want him in their school?

**on friday, chace and i are driving to skaneateles to drop some of my lucends goods at a gallery.

** not sure if they will sell or not, guess i have to try.

** i really need to finish a quilt i started this time last year.

** it is bugging me that it is not done yet.

** chace and i leave for santa fe in 10 days.

** looking forward to the time with both my parents.

** and hitting up my favorite places to eat and shop.

** did you know they are coming out with an app for pinterest?

** dangerous.

** i have mixed emotions about bin laden's death.

** there is great duality in such an event.

** i have been thinking about how i will explain it to chace when he is older.

** off to take a bath.

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  1. My son is the same – always wants to be outside no matter what the weather. At least here it's now warm, winter was a bit of a nightmare!