tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

** we had an ok night.

** no more changing of the sheets.

** thank goodness.

** but chace was up alot.

** he did however, throw up his entire breakfast and lunch.

** on my lap.

** he is sleeping now.

** i am resisting the urge to throw up.

** i do not handle throw up well.

** i have 3 more blocks to make for my commission quilt.

** i am really pleased with how it is turning out.

** the temperature is in double digits today.

** working on some new quilted zipper bags.

** sometimes i hate that i am a perfectionist.

** it means i have alot of finished products that i do not know what to do with.

** because i think they are not "good enough" for the shop.

**i started knitting a pair of socks.

** i hate knitting socks.

** but i LOVE these.

** i am going to rest my eyes while chace is still napping.

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