tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

** i just listed some new items in the etsy shop. 

** i am really excited about them and will be adding more soon.

** i am starting on a quilt commission today.

** it is going to be super cute!

** i have had a headache for the past several days.

** it comes on at the same time every day.

** i am kinda over it.

** another season of college football is over.

** this makes me sad.

** i will hold my deep depression until after the super bowl.

**chace has started making this new noise.

** he sounds like a terradactyl.

** i am glad that i came home from my parents last week instead of today.

** if i had waited, i would be stuck in atlanta.

** i need to get my tattoo touched up.

** it is fading.

** still sleepless here.....

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