Monday, January 24, 2011

currently, on newberry ln
ph and i are listening,
watching and waiting.

waiting for the
sound of our sick baby.
poor bean has thrown up
5 times since he went to bed.

currently, we are on
our second load of laundry
this evening.

sheets, onesies, sleep sack,s
blankets and duckies have been washed
and dried.

oh, how i wish i hadn't
returned all those
sheets after my baby shower.

oh. how i wish i had more
than two crib sheets.
and three sleep sacks.
and 1 duckie.

oh, how we need one more duckie.

currently, we are hoping
that the throw up has subsided
and that there will be sleep
on newberry ln tonight.

chace is so tired.
he will feel much better
with sleep.

and so will his parents.


  1. Oh NO! Hoping little Chace will feel better very soon, and praying you will all get some rest. There is nothing worse than having to watch your little one be so miserable. Thoughts of you and your little family tonight.

  2. Poor baby! I hope Chace feels better soon!!

  3. throw up is the worst. especially when they get it on the lovey. sorry friend. these are not fun times. oh they are so sad when they throw up and they look at you like "what is happening Mommy?" absolutely tragic...and disgusting.

  4. Poor Chace! Hoping he's feeling better today ... a stomach bug you think?

  5. My best wishes for Chace ... and for Mummy and Poppa too!