pay it forward

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

i do not facebook.
although, i am thinking about it
for the lucends shop.

since i do not facebook
i missed the handmade pay it forward
that was going around the last week.

thankfully, i have friends
who facebook and blog.
and blog about facebook happenings.

here is the gist.
leave a comment here by midnight
on friday 1/14/2011.
and i will pick 3 winners.
yes, i said 3 winners at random.

if you win you will
receive something handmade by me.
if you win you have to pay it forward.
you have to make or buy handmade
for someone.

it can me random.
it can be planned.
it can be blogged.
and it can even be facebooked.
( is that a word?)

i do hope you will play along.


  1. I love handmade, both making and receiving! In fact, my side of the family has instituted primarily a handmade Christmas the past few years, and it brings about some amazing items from loved ones.

  2. You know I love to make and give handmade things! I also love getting them for myself...

    Sunny Gayle

  3. I knit and, ocasionally paint glass. So - I'm in!

  4. i'm in. and i love what you did with your ribbon on etsy!

  5. i am playing on fb, but would love to have a handmade from you!

  6. Yes, "facebooked" is a least I think it is. I know that Webster's just offically made "un-friend" a word as well as "sexting" oh my.
    LOVE homemade gifts...your work is beautiful!

  7. Sounds great! Count me in! Your esty items are adorable. You made a hat last year that I liked so much. I had my sister make me one just like it because I am all thumbs when it comes to knitting!