dear chace

Friday, January 14, 2011

dear chace.

today we took you the strong museum of play to celebrate your 11th month of life. you had a great time. i think you will like it more when you are little older. you were particularly fond of the salt water aquariums that were there. i think that you could have watched the fish for hours. your dad and i loved watching you, watch the fish, trying so hard to figure out how you could touch them.

in this past month you have grown so much. literally, your pants are floods and your long sleeve shirts are more like 3/4 sleeve shirts. you have perfected your crawl at warp speed. you are very efficient at cruising, and are working on your balance. you can say "mama and dada" and understand the word "no". when we tell you "no" you just shake your head and smile. you want to walk and talk, and you are frustrated because you are not quite there yet.

you are an excellent traveller and handled your first ear infection with flying colors. everyone who met you over christmas, was well, smitten with you. your love for all things technologically related has not waned. if you see my iphone, you want it and you think the computer is yours, and yours alone. you are not interested in tv so much. perhaps that is because the only think we let you watch is sports and the news.

you still love to read and are beginning to pick out which books you would like read to you. you almost have 6 teeth. this is helping you out in the food department. you are beginning to eat more "adult" food, however, puffs remain your favorite food and mandarin oranges are a close second.

chace, you are the sweetest baby i know. you love to gives hugs and kisses. i hope you stay this way forever ( although i know you won't).

happy 11 month sweet boy!

love you forever and ever

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  1. Is he reading "Brown Bear, Brown Bear..." I must have read that a zillion times to my kids~!