tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

** i am in charlotte nc until tomorrow night.

** i am here to help my little brother with his business, southend fieldhouse.

** actually, i am paid labor.

** but it is a win win.

** i have been up since 4 am.

** a little tired.

** i miss chace and ph already.

** but i am sure they are having a fun boys weekend.

** we have a new front door.

** the dogs can no longer see outside.

** this reduces the barking.

** yay for a new front door.

** i am busy working an all the details of chace's birthday party.

** i can not wait to show you all the details.

** can you believe that he is going to be 1?

** that is all i have this morning.

** maybe i will have more later.


  1. Your bro's place looks fanTAStic.
    I wish Stella and I could come to bean's party.
    She misses her BFF. (so do I)
    Yay for a new front door.
    Speaking of dogs, the Town Lake Animal shelter has a Great Pyr up for adoption. Made me think of B. And wish I had room for a dog that size.

  2. We miss Chace, too!!!


  3. Hi Lucinda. Just to let you know that I love reading your Tuesday Tidbits and seeing what's going on in your world! You inspired me to give it a go on Tuesday over at my own blog www.mummastimetocreate.blogspot.com.
    Many thanks. Kat xx