tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

** this afternoon i am heading to scott miller to get a haircut and hi-light.

** this makes me happy.

**i am slowly catching up on my bee blocks for this month.

**i love sewing on my new sewing machine.

** it is so quiet!

** i am knitting a baby sweater for my soon to be born nephew.

** well not soon, end of march.

** but his home will be in alaska.

** it is cold ALL the time there.

**i need some books to read over the holidays.

** suggestions?

** we booked our plane tickets this week.

** bean and i will be in santa fe for over three weeks.

**i made the family chocolate pecan pie this weekend.

** i put too much rum in it and didn't cook it long enough.

** this potential FAIL turned into an epic WIN.

**fresh wreaths made by ph boss are now in the etsy shop.

** you still have one week to use your coupon in the shop.

** coupon code is BLACK10

** come on, you know you want to.

** cooper came to visit yesterday.

** i felt this pair of eye watching me, looked up and he was sitting in the tree.

** watching me sew.

** we talked, i cried, he flew away.

** i miss him.

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  1. i am sitting here on the chair in my living room, feeling as if something (other than Belle's left leg) is missing from my day...

    then! I realized I hadn't read Tuesday Tidbits yet. I soooo look forward to Tuesdays for just this reason.

    Thank you for blogging
    no matter what.