tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

** it is gray here.

** this does not help my mood.

** mom and had a great time in nyc.

** purl was awesome.

** i wanted it all.

** i can not believe that the holiday bazaar is next weekend.

** yikes!

** working as fast as i can.

** i just tried to feed chace some butter beans.

** not a fan.

** suggestions on food to give him that is not in a pureed form?

**my youngest brother and his wife are having a baby in april.

** they find out this week what they are having.

** i think it is a boy.

** so glad that the election is OVER.

** thats all i have.

** kinda grumpy today.

** and grey like the weather.

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  1. Hey luc, try tofu. luke and kate both love it and loved it as a starter food. kate is very fussy. she also like canelli beans from the can.