cooper's hawk

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

this is cooper now.
in the afterlife.

i never knew how
i felt about life after death.
or if i believed that your
spirit lives on in some other form.
until cooper.

i am believer.
because of him.

cooper's form
is a cooper's hawk.

i know it is my cooper
because he appears when
we need to see him.
when we need a sign
that he is ok.
that he is close.
that he is with us.

he always knows when to stop by...

he made an appearance
the day chace was born.
on thanksgiving.
the other day when i was sewing.
and today after the first snow.

ph is the one that usually sees him.
but recently he has been coming by
to see me.
i can not tell you how happy this makes me.

today, he came by
to see his little brother
and let ph take a picture.

isn't he spectacular?


  1. beautiful. I got chills, the good kind, reading this post.