dear chace

Sunday, November 14, 2010

dear chace.

you are celebrating your 9 month birthday with a monster cold, which you will most likely give to everyone in the house. thanks bean.

i can not believe that we are 3 months away from your first birthday. my how the time has flown.

you have grown leaps and bounds in the past month. you are crawling at a warp speed, pulling yourself up on anything you can find, taking baby steps, and talking non stop. you have mastered waving and clapping to your delight. you love showing off your skills. you are eating like a champ, but it seems that you might be a texture baby. you did however, love your papa's pancakes this morning.

i never thought that i, the self proclaimed introvert, would have such an extroverted child. but i do. you are happy, funny, thoughtful and engaged. you love to read books over and over and over. you dance often and have a laugh that i never grow tired of hearing. you are developing into your own little person and it is such a delight to watch.

this time of year is hard for me. i feel your brother's loss profoundly. i know that you feel it too, but can not identify what it is. i want you to know, that my sadness, the ache in my heart has nothing to do with you. you are our greatest gift, our greatest joy and bring such happiness to our house.

happy 9 months, chace.

i love you more than you will ever know.


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