starting a tree tradition

Monday, November 29, 2010

growing up, we never out our christmas tree up until the 15th of december. i am not really sure why, that was the magical date, but it was magical. my brothers and i looked forward to the day when the frasier fir would arrive freshly cut from north carolina ( there were no tree farms in west texas. hell, there are hardly any trees, so we ordered our tree by mail). 

i never understood the need or desire to put your tree up as soon as the thanksgiving dishes were washed, but in recent years, travel has forced us to do just that. the last two years i have tried to get out of putting up a tree. i just haven't felt holidayish. since cooper died, i can not get into the holiday spirit until the 19th; but, ph has forced me into holiday cheer. 

we head to santa fe on dec. 19th, so it was now or never in the tree department. so this afternoon, the three of us embarked on what i am sure will become tradition, or at least i hope so, and went to cut down our christmas tree. bean wasnt sure what to make of it all. i promised him that in a few years this will be a magical moment. i can not wait to experience christmas through his eyes. i can imagine anything more magical or precious.

when do you decorate your christmas tree?


  1. What a great adventure and beginning of new traditions! I usually put mine up around Thanksgiving, and for many years had 2 trees, then 1 that I could manage alone. Can you believe that this year I'm not putting one up? Since I go to NM on the 22 and all my kids will be there
    I'll just decorate with all my Santas, stockings and a special table with
    my Pine Cone Santa from your mom. Traditions change!!

    Can't wait to see you and your family!


  2. The weekend after Thanksgiving.
    This year, I put the tree up on Thanksgiving morning. Us girls had nothing better to do!

    I was torn this year, though, since Stella was born so close to Christmas. I thought about waiting...and putting up and decorating the tree on Christmas eve from here on out, so as to not detract from Stella and her birthday. But then, I figured a) She's too young to care and b) Even if there are no Christmas decorations in my house, they'll still be abundant everywhere else, so why bother waiting?

    If she asks me to wait, when she is finally old enough to care, I will. And we'll start a new tradition of getting the tree on Christmas Eve.

    But for now, it still goes up Thanksgiving weekend.


  3. I have had this tradition since tayler was born, 20yrs. we remember each yr. even when she was at college, we had to wait til she came home. we have no day, it just has to be snowy, cold and spur of moment. i remember even taking her out of school on that perfect day. now Luke helps Dad drag the tree and baby kate will be out of the snuggly this yr :)