tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

** my hands are tired.

** but i am almost done.

** almost ready for the rmsc holiday bazaar this weekend.

** i can see the finish line.

** and i have surpassed the goal i set for my self.

** i have a few more things to sew and its all the little details.

** i will give you a sneak peak tomorrow.

** c goes for his 9 month check up tomorrow.

** anyone care to guess how much he weighs?

** we are having 5 guys for dinner.

** and greek pasta tomorrow night.

** in case you were curious.

** next week, after the show, i have 5 bee blocks to make before the end of the month.

** i am a little behind.

** i am also going to start a few knitting projects.

** can you believe next week is thanksgiving?

** yikes.

** we are having a few friends over the day after thanksgiving.

** i need to figure out what we are cooking.

** the weather forecast is lousy for the weekend.

** i hope this means lots of people will be at the show shopping.

** what i don't sell will go on the etsy shop.

** i think that is it for today.

1 comment:

  1. I'm excited to see your wares!
    I'll be there on Friday with Ali :)