Monday, November 1, 2010

it is no secret, or maybe it is, that i like to cook.
but i am not very good at creating my own culinary creations.
i have nightmares that i am on top chef
and tom colicchio is not kind at judge's table,
jolting me awake.
its true.

but there is one dish i make well,
and i happened to create it.
and i make it whenever i have company.
i made it for athena when she came to ny.

today, during one of our text conversations.
she mentioned that she was craving said dish.
this is for you, athena.
crave no more.

greek pasta

kalamata olives
diced tomatoes (fresh and canned)
feta cheese
white beans
penne pasta

1. saute garlic in olive oil until fragrant
2. add shrimp and saute until golden
3. i usually add white wine at this point for added flavor.
4. add canned and fresh tomatoes and simmer until tomatoes have broken down.
5. while tomatoes are simmering, cook pasta.
6. add olives, capers and beans to tomato mixture.
7. add feta and simmer until it melts.
8. pour sauces over the pasta and toss.
9. top with more feta.
10. more your self a glass of wine and enjoy.

what is your go to dish to make?

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  1. I will repay you, in kind, with one Tator Tot Hotdish recipe.