tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

**today, i signed bean up for stories for wee ones at our local library.

** it is 3 mondays in july.

** we walked to the library today.

** it rained on us, on our trip home.

** bean stayed dry, mom got wet.

** my wrist is quite sore today.

** still working on my liberty of london quilt.

** making good progress.

** sketched out some new designs.

** i am pretty excited about them.

** ph is walking bean around the back yard in the baby bjorn as i type.

** he is teaching him the latin names of the plants.

** it is pretty sweet.

** i am making cashew chicken for dinner.

** yummy.

** bean has been sleeping better at night.

** i think he was having a growth spurt and was simply hungry.

** i have this baby rattle on my iphone.

** bean loves it.

** i feel like i stunt his growth when i let him play with it.

** does this make me a bad mom?

1 comment:

  1. You are not a bad mom.
    Elena has an entire PAGE of apps on our iPhone.

    A PAGE.

    So one rattle app is perfectly fine.

    And come on...it's a RATTLE!! :)
    If there was a Sofie the Giraffe app, I'm sure we'd both buy it.

    I can't wait to see what you've decided on the LoL quilt.

    I'm sorry your wrist hurts...but the tat is gorgeous.

    I wish we lived near one another.

    Any progess on Austin?