tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

** bean is currently napping in his car seat.

** he is snoring quite loudly.

** i take this as a hopeful sign that he might sleep for a while.

** bean applied for his passport today.

** both of his parents had to be physically present in order to process the application.

** this is so one parent doesn't steal take bean to europe without the other parent's knowledge.

** don't worry state department, there is no way i would fly to greece with a 7 month old without ph as backup.

**i finally updated the etsy shop.

** have a few more things to put up there.

**i am 1 pound away from being at my pre-baby weight.

** when i say pre-baby, i mean both the babies.

**ph has been working very hard lately and very late.

** this makes for long days when a certain 4 month old doesn't like to nap.

** i am going to the eye dr on friday.

** i fear i need bifocals.

** if so, does this mean i am getting old?

** we are going to see sugarland this weekend.

** a real grown up night out.

** bailey has figured out that his bark collar is NOT the invisible fence collar.

** this means that he has lost his outside privileges, because he wanders the neighborhood.

** bean is no longer sleeping soundly.

** wishful thinking on my part.

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  1. What about Ya-Ya and Papou taking him out of the country??? And Pyrs are a little slow getting the rules...like some children...XOXO