tuesday tidbits (on wednesday)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

** i just returned from the dentist.

** i had a cavity.

** my mouth is very numb and i am STARVING.

** this is not a good combination.

**when i got home, the new collection of heather ross far far away 2 was waiting for me.

** i love it.

** i am thinking about entering this show.

** but doubt my abilities.

** thoughts?

**i finished The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest. awesome!

**don't know what to read next.

** the bean has returned to napping.

**yay bean!

** this makes for a happy bean and happy mama.

**toast is my new favorite catalog.

**sugarland was awesome. made me miss texas.

**the thought has crossed my mind about moving back.

**if i could convince ph, of course.

**no, athena i have not made up my mind.

** i am going to try to drink diet coke with a straw.

** don't you wish you could see that?


  1. You know me too well.

    I used to only drink diet coke through a straw.

    I thought I was cool.


  2. You can't move back to Tejas until I am ready to move back as well . . . there is only one place to move so you gotta be read for it. . . Hula Hut here we come!

  3. you can't move back. i won't allow it.

  4. you should definitely enter the show. In Portland, OR right now, had drinks with Matt Perkins last night - reminisced about Texas, moving back, and Austin as the only place to go . . cause, well, as Perkins said, "Midland is a time warp!"

  5. austin sounds good...but please let us know before we move there...XOXO

  6. some good ones to read next : The Book Thief, The Imperfectionists, The Zoo Keepers Wife (my favorite book ever), Elegence of the Hedgehog ... ahhh summer reading :0)