tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

** first thing, the winner of the purlbee calendar giveaway is kassia. hooray! send me an email with your shipping info and i will get it in the mail.

**i am settling back into a routine which is nice.

** bean has decided he is too old to take naps.

** i disagree and continue to try to get him to nap.

** hopefully this is just a phase.

** i even bought the nap nanny, well yaya and pappous bought it, and he wont nap in that either.

** i have been spit up on more times than i care to count the last 2 days.

** i started a new quilt using liberty of london fabric.

** i love it!

** i am regretting my decision to purchase a modern, cool looking chair for the nursery.

** i have been spending alot of time in that chair and my butt hurts.

** i am reading the girl who kicked the hornet's nest.

** it is awesome!

** it has been VERY hot and humid here in new york.

** this is not awesome.

** bean rolled over in his sleep last night.

**i have 3 more pounds to lose.

** i am going to try to get the etsy shop updated this week.

** this is dependent on bean and his willingness to sleep.


  1. Well...Maybe he is bored and wanting to start reading...Someone told me "the apple does not fall far from the tree"...This is why Ya-Ya became a morning person! XOXO

  2. Dear Bean:

    This is your internet "auntie" Athena here.
    You need to be good to your momma.
    You'll be a much happier little boy, if you do.
    And trust me, you won't miss out on anything major. Your momma just needs some quiet time, all to herself. Time that she can spend making lovely, creative, beautiful things for yourself and for others.
    It's one of the things your momma does best.
    And besides, she'll wake you up if anything fun or exciting happens.
    Trust me.
    Your momma is a sharer. She wouldn't want you to miss an ounce of joy.
    Or steal one second of happiness from you.

    So nap, dear boy.
    Let those little eyelids droop.