sleep training

Friday, June 18, 2010

there are many books written on how to get your baby to sleep through the night. and there are just as many methods, but the one thing that is consistent is that the "experts" call it sleep training.  i thought this was a funny name to use, especially since the books make it seem so easy. but i am beginning to understand, getting your infant to sleep through the night is similar to training for a marathon, the same pain, the same determination, the same loss of sleep, and the same routine. the only difference being that are in shape after you complete your training to run 26.2 miles.

bean was sleeping great. he spoiled us. comparatively speaking he is still a good sleeper. he has just decided to wake up twice a night. this does not make ph happy. and well, i am not much help after taking tylenol pm so i can sleep, so ph is on his own. last night i thought i would listen to the "experts" and change the routine. bad move. he was incredibly cranky today.

lesson learned. my sleep training method is to try to have the same routine, but go with the flow. as a dear friend of mine reminded me today "everything at this stage is a phase, it will change soon enough. although some days i think running that marathon might be easier than sleep training.

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  1. You might not have to him take a nap...even though it is hard or jusrt have cat napa...I is hard to geat pefect balance....also maybe he is like his Ya-Ya...maybe he does not need alot of sleeo....Which is hard for you...but it shows he is bright and clever...XOXO