dear chace

Monday, June 14, 2010

dear sweet chace,

today marks your 4th month of life and to celebrate it we are going to the doctor. sorry bean.

you are changing and growing at a rapid pace. you seem to discover something new about your world daily. and i love watching you marvel at your discoveries. you recently found your feet, which give you hours of amusement. i am waiting for you to try to get them in your mouth. you continue to put everything in your mouth, but my favorite is seeing you simultaneously suck your thumb and your cashmere blanket. i do believe that you are the drooliest baby ever. i can only imagine what it will be like when you are teething. just last week you laughed. a good belly laugh. it was the sweetest sound i have ever heard and it made me cry.  i look forward to each day with you and seeing what you will discover next.

like your mama, you like books. we have spent many hours on the floor reading. i cant wait until you are old enough to read the chronicles of narnia, my absolute favorites when i was young. in recent days, you have returned to napping, but not without a fight. it is quite the process to get you to go to sleep, but eventually you oblige. this makes you a much  happier baby. you continue to sleep well at night.

in this past month you travelled on an airplane to see your yaya and pappous. what an adventure that was, chace. we spent two and a half weeks in santa fe where you met most of your texas relatives, the wallace side of the family. after flying with you, we decided you need your own seat when we travel to greece in september. i think this will be best for all of us.

your papa and i are settling into parenthood. we can spend hours watching you. you continue to be our greatest joy and greatest creation.

happy 4th month chace!


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