tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

** tomorrow we head home.

** we have had a wonderful time, but i am looking forward to being back in my own space.

** this is the first time i have been away from ph since cooper died.

** gosh i miss him.

** and my dogs.

** the wedding this past weekend was wonderful.

** bean was the hit of the party.

** i took so many pictures and cant wait to share them with you.

** i also have lots of blog posts to write.

** so stay tuned.

** i have taken a creative break while i have been away.

** but have had lots of ideas percolating in my head and cant wait to get to work.

** i finished my brothers string quilt and gave i to him this past weekend.

** he loved it!

** wait until you see it! its fabulous.

** i am hoping that the trip tomorrow is a little smoother than the trip out here.

**talk to you on thursday......

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  1. I'm glad you're home. I can't wait to see pics and read about our adventures. I'm 1/4 way through "Hornet's Nest"!