finishing and finished

Saturday, May 29, 2010

i can not believe i am going to admit this on the internet, but here i go.....i have a finishing problem. i can knit all the pieces of a sweater or sew all the intricate blocks of a quilt. i can even put them together into one big quilt top, no problem. where i get hung up is seaming that sweater together or making a quilt sandwich, quilting it and sewing the binding on. i am sure that if i really wanted to i could, but it is part of the creative process that i do not enjoy. lucky for me, there are people who like this part of the creative process. christina, of the sometimes crafter, quilted my brothers quilt. she did a fabulous job and is oh so fast with her turn around time. so, if you are like me and don't like to finish projects, you should send her your quilts.

not being a finisher is costly, so i am going to try to embrace this piece of the creative process. i am starting to knit sweaters in the round, so that there are no seams. and i am going to make some mini quilts to practice quilting and sewing the binding on. wish me luck.


  1. There is a reason why I only knit hats and make crib sized quilts.
    I have a similar problem.
    Though, instead of being averse to finishing, I lose patience quickly.

    The quilt looks AMAZING. Congrats on finally finishing it.

    Oh..and you're not too far behind in our quilt along. I still only have about 6 blocks made. :)


  2. Oh, Luc, it is a strange comfort to find another quilter who is a poor finisher. For me, the problem is binding. Or trimming the quilted quilt and then binding it. I have four quilts here, waiting to be bound and sent away or bound and used. It's disgraceful. For my last three quilts I have paid the woman who does the machine quilting to also bind them. She thinks I'm crazy to pay an extra $15.00, but that money is the difference between a completed quilt and one that weighs on my conscience and gives no one any joy because it is tucked away upstairs, waiting for me.

  3. oh my sakes - - that is amazing ... lady you are talented!!!!