just when i thought.....

Friday, May 14, 2010

we had figured out bean's digestive issues, the wheels of the bus fall off.

yesterday was probably the hardest day of motherhood. we are talking hard here. bean screamed. bean hurt. bean had gas. bean cried. bean spit up. bean did not sleep. bean screamed. bean arched his back. bean hurt. bean's mom is tired and beat up.

thankfully, i am at my parents and have four extra hands to help with the screaming bean.

we have come to the conclusion that bean has acid reflux, which is no surprise because ph lives on pepcid, so bean comes by it naturally. i talked to my pediatrician yesterday and they told me to give him gaviscon, which is like mylanta. oh mylanta, why didnt you help the bean feel better?. it didn't really help much. so after i conversation with my cousin, who is a smart neonatal nurse and has experience with gassy, cranky, fussy babies, we started him on a regime of previcid this morning. we will see if this helps. it could take a few days.

gosh i hope it helps. it is so hard to see him in so much pain. i feel so helpless. i just want his little tummy to feel better. soon.


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry for the bean - and for you, too! I hope, your dear little one will soon feel better!
    With love, Katarina
    I know it seems impossible, but did you think about appendicitis...? I really don't want to frighten you, but maybe you should see a pediatrician asap, if he keeps acheing so much.

  2. oh dear, i'm so sorry. poor little munchkin. i hope he feels better soon. just move in with you parents until he does;-)

  3. you better find a way to get Wallace under control or else there is going to be fart war in Santa Fe!