tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

** the bean is feeling much better. whew.

** but he has not been napping much during the day.

** i am hoping that this does not become a habit.

** he did sleep through the night last night. 9-5:30.

** yay bean!

** i woke up and was afraid he wasnt breathing.

** bean has a new 2nd cousin, call russell snyder.

** we are still awaiting the birth of another cousin for the bean.

** my cousin is getting married at my parents house this weekend.

** we are in a festive mood here.

** pappous is "smitten" with the bean.

**we miss ph and cant wait to see him in a week.

**we will ichat with him tonight.

**i am have lost all of my bean weight, and have 5 more pounds of cooper weight to lose.

**i am off to clean out the fridge.

1 comment:

  1. I am jealous. I have 8 pounds left of Stella weight to lose. And then another 7 to get back to pre-babies. That's FIFTEEN. Ugh!

    And I veto your claim that NM has the worst drivers. The TX drivers are the worst! It's the strangest thing: People are so nice, hospitable, and polite here...until you meet them on the road. Then they are completely oblivious to your very existence. Yikes.

    I think the side-swipe/T-bone is to Austin what the rear-end is to MPLS.

    But I digress.
    Yay for sleeping.
    Yay for at-ease tummies.
    and YAY for cousins.