tuesday tidbits ( on wednesday)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

** we have recovered from our travels on monday.

** it is so nice to the see the sun and blue blue skies.

**i am looking forward to seeing my brothers next week.

** i wish ph could be here with us, but he is crazy busy with work.

** i am looking forward to the release of this book on may 25th.

** i am not sure when i am going to read it.

** it is probably not going to happen on our plane ride back home.

** i am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new nephew.

**i have two new quilt designs in my head and ready to work on.

** but they will have to wait until i return home.

** i am working on some english paper piecing while i am here.

** there will be a huge etsy shop update when i return home.

** the bean rolled over the other night in this crib.

** he has not done it since.

** i am looking forward to having a shiner boch with diner tonight.

** bean has lots of gear here at yaya and pappous' house.

** and he is enjoying it thoroughly.

** we hope you are having a happy wednesday.

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