dear chace

Sunday, May 9, 2010

dear sweet chace,

this mother's day marks mother's day as well as your 12th week of life. as i write this, you are snuggled up on my chest in your moby wrap. there is nothing better than feeling your breath on my neck and your heart beating with mine.

this past 4 weeks began as a roller coaster, but have turned into a rather uneventful ride. your stomach has been very sensitive which caused great crankiness on your part. after 3 formulas, we finally have one that you like and agrees with your tiny tummy. you have settled into a napping routine and continue to take long naps. i attribute this to two factors: one, you take after me, i love long naps and two, you are sleeping on your stomach, which you seem to prefer.

now that your tummy is better, you are all smiles and laughs. you like to look at yourself in the mirror and have recently discovered the ever fascinating game of peek-a-boo. you have discovered your hands and love to put them in your mouth. i am sure you are days away from discovering your thumb. your head and neck grow stronger by the day. in fact you seem to be changing daily and i look forward to seeing what you will discover next. i feel like i am getting better at motherhood and am settling into my new role and life. we are settling into a daily routine, the two of us and that feels good.

tomorrow we are off to santa fe for two weeks. your first of many plane rides. there are a lot of people who are anxious to meet you, but no one is more excited to see you than your pappous.

chace you continue to heal my heart. sometimes i stare at you in amazement, amazement that your father and i created someone so precious and perfect. i feel like being your mother is the best job i could ever have.

loving you always.

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