musings on motherhood.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

**motherhood is hard. damn harder. harder than anything i have ever done.

**i have learned that you can spend $$ 200 on a haircut and still have mom hair.

**i will spend $$ 200 on jeans to avoid having mom jeans.

**shockingly, being pooped, peed and spit up on doesn't bother me as much as i thought it would.

**the above acts only occur to me, never to ph.

** i now understand why my mother took a bath at night and why we had an early bedtime.

** oh, how i can not wait until the bean has an early bedtime.

** motherhood does not come with a handbook. could someone please work on that? it would be much easier if it did.

**sometimes you just need 10 minutes of quiet to make it through the day.

**eating becomes a function of survival, not pleasure. you eat when you can, in shifts and at strange times.

**i think that baby gear reproduces at night. my house is being taken over by gear.

**leaving the house without spit up on me is a major feat. i wonder what people think when they see dried baby formula on my boob.

**putting on make up can make one feel human, even if you don't make it out of the house, at least you will look put together if you have a random visitor.

**although, please don't stop by my house unannounced. i am liable to be very annoyed and rude.

**motherhood is something you grow into, you get better at each day.

**motherhood also has some really crappy moments, moments that can bring you to your knees.

**but i can not think of a bigger honor or privilege than being chace's mother, even if he poops on me.

** wishing you all a happy mother's day eve.

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  1. Happy Mother's Day! As usual, you are so perceptive about the difficulties and joys of being a mother. You're right that eating,
    taking a shower, putting on makeup etc can be a luxury. And you're
    also right about getting better and more comfortable every day.
    Have a safe journey to NM. See you next week!