what i didn't say

Saturday, April 24, 2010

you may remember this post, where i made the statement that i was not going to let the bean watch tv before the age of 2.

well, i need to clarify something. because we are a sports obsessed family and because precious husband and i are convinced that our son will play hockey, he is allowed to watch sports in tv before the age of 2.

last night i caught him watching the sabres game with his dad. i swear his eyes were following the players on the ice. do you think 10 weeks is too early to get him interested in hockey? am i becoming one of those hockey moms already?

next up: college football


  1. Just don't get thrown out of a game...you will NEVER hear the end of it

  2. It's so not too early. We had Gus watching Spurs basketball as soon as possible. Now he's got a mean hook shot! His throwing arm is going to make him famous one day, we'll just have to see in which sport.

  3. Hockey mom you sound like Sarah Palin ha ha ha... ha ha ha gottcha