chace with a c

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

naming a child is a daunting task. there are all kinds of things to consider. can the name be shortened? can you live with said shortened name? will people ask what were his parents thinking? is it too common? does it remind you of your college roommate (ehmm, ph)? will your child declare at age 18 that now that they are legally an adult, they want to legally change their name? picking out the perfect name is a pressure filled endeavor.

i loved cooper's name. everything about it. it was the perfect combination. it was strong and not too hip. it couldn't be shortened. it was a great hockey name. it gave a nod to my texas roots. it was perfect. so when we began thinking about names for the bean, i was well, skeptical. how were we going to pick the perfect name again?

this time around i bought a name book. i went through it page by page and put little check marks by the names i liked. one night ph and i were lying on our bed and started talking about names. i read the names i liked. he did not like one name, not a one. feeling a little deflated, i asked him what names he liked. guess what? i didn't like any of his choices. we seemed to be at an impasse. then he said "jayce". nope i said, but i like chace. we both looked at each other and knew that we were on to something. but i knew i needed to ask ash if i could use that name. you see her last name is chase and she always said if she had a boy that was what she was going to name him. she is my childhood bff, i had to get her permission. once permission was granted, we knew we had the name. now we had to get the spelling. we wanted bean's name to be different, so we played around with the spelling. in addition, i bank at chase and wanted it spelled differently, nothing against my bank, just a personal quirk. we settled on chace with a c.

the rest of his name was easy. the middle name was going to be wallace, regardless if we had a boy or a girl. it is my maternal grandmother's maiden name and was important for me to honor her. turns out there is a wallace on fathers side of the family and in ph's as well, so we have our bases covered. and we all know how i feel about my last name, so it was a given that bean would have mine and ph's last name. however, he will go by chace gerenski in school, too many bubbles to fill out and he will be at the beginning of the alphabetical line.

so that is how the bean got his name and why it is chace with a c, in case you were wondering.

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  1. Ha ha ha been mis-spelling since he was born! nice . .. glad to read the story, maybe I'll remember it now . .. then again its my job to pick out the nicknames!