dear chace

Sunday, April 11, 2010

dear sweet chace,

today marks your 8th week of life. i can not believe how quickly the time passes. your dad and i continue to settle into our new role of parenthood. each day presents something new and we are learning to adjust to whatever you seem to throw at us.

you are growing like crazy. you have your 2 month check up at the doctor tomorrow and we are eager to see just how much you have grown. your head and neck are getting stronger, you are more alert and are talking to us. it is very clear that you have your daddy's eyelashes. i swear they grow by the hour. it remains to be seen what color your eyes will be. you are a very serious baby, you come by it naturally, i suppose. but lately you have started to smile at us, which melts my heart into puddle. there is nothing sweeter than seeing you smile at me.

you are sleeping very well at night and for that we grateful. however, during the day you seem to like one long nap in the afternoon. i cant say that i blame you. there is no catnapping for you. when you nap, you make sure it is a long one. you are a little bit fussy. i am understating this a bit. i was very cranky as a baby and every one likes to remind me of that fact. so i guess this is payback for me. i think that your fussiness is to teach me to ask others for help (this is a very difficult task for me).

now that the weather is getting nicer we have been walking. you like to be in the stroller and it helps me lose my baby weight. you have been on several stroller dates with riley and have spent time with tommy and charlie. we have an all boy playgroup already established. you have also spent time with your cousin andrew. he has been very nice about sharing his toys with you, although you didn't really want them just yet. you will be getting a new baby cousin in a few weeks, another boy.

you are one of my greatest creations, your brother being the other one. i look forward to what you will show us each day and i love you more with each passing day.

loving you always


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