Friday, April 2, 2010

progress was made today. i finished all 40 string blocks. i was able to do this because the bean napped in his crib for over an hour this morning. yay bean! more progress was made this afternoon because ph and the bean went for a walk. yay ph! this enabled me to start sewing the blocks together. loving how they look!

if i had champagne i would raise a glass to progress. i will just say yay, instead!


  1. thank you bean for sleeping and PH for doing his job! champagne when the job is completed sent to you by owner of quilt!

  2. Love your blocks! You do such a great, perfect job. Am anxious to see the finished product. :-)

  3. Your quilt looks great! Congratulations on making progress while you have so much else going on. You inspired me--after reading your post I did two things: got busy on an unfinished quilt, and went to the "film in the fridge" website for more details on the pattern so I can get busy on another quilt, this one for us.