Thursday, April 1, 2010

i feel like i am stuck in that movie, groundhog day, except for it is april fools.

let me tell you why....

it all began at 3 am wednesday morning, when ph had a hard time getting the bean to go back to sleep after his feeding. we all three had just dozed off to dream land, when we hear b walking, no running downstairs because he wanted to go outside. this means one thing and one thing only, he has an upset stomach and a case of major diarrhea is in his future. ph jumps out of bed to let him out. i then hear this thud and stream of expletives. i think to myself, he just fell down the stairs and then i start to giggle. yes, i am one of those people that giggles when people fall down. i am laughing as i type this. ph and bailey return from their trip outside, when sabre decides to get up and go downstairs. now, the whole house is awake. we eventually doze off when bean decides to wake at 5:30, i convince him to go back to sleep for a little bit, like 30 minutes.

i get up to feed him and realize that he is not going back to sleep. i will see the morning news shows in their entirety this morning. we leave the house at 9:45 to go to a friends house for brunch. a friend was in town and she wanted to see all the new babies. now there is a little voice inside my head that tells me that i should stay home, bean is not having a good morning. do i listen to that voice? nope, i carry on. bad move. i will listen to that voice from now on. i promise. bean screamed all the way there, most of the time we were there and all the way home. ph pulled in the driveway as i was getting out of the car, to find me sobbing in the drive way.

we walk into the house, look at each other and say "why does it smell like dog poop?" i enter the computer room and see a big runny pile of poop. i cry harder. of all the places to poop in the house, b has to go in the room with carpet. ph spends the next hour cleaning b's hind end. this is quite a task on a 130 pound white dog. the rest of the evening was relatively uneventful. oh wait, there was that moment when i was getting out of the bathtub that my incision starting oozing stuff. i freaked out. called the dr on call and was told it was probably a stitch that was infected and had managed to free itself. no cause for panic. good to know, here i was thinking my entire gut was going to open up.

this morning, bean and i went for a long walk. its nice outside and i am hoping he will sleep. upon our return i notice that our mailbox looks a little funny. and why are there white cards all over the driveway. it dawns on me that someone has hit our mailbox. those are my thank you notes all over the drive way and the front of the mailbox is halfway up the drive way. what is wrong with people. someone smacked the hell out of our mailbox and kept on driving. nice. so if you get a thank you note that is a little dirty, now you know why.

and bailey, well we should just take him to car wash to clean his rear end this afternoon. seriously it is a lost cause. at least it is close to 80 degrees outside.

how is your april fools day going?

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  1. even though i don't have babies, i feel like i can relate to this kind of a day more often than not! at least it's almost over :)