at this moment

Friday, April 9, 2010

at this moment on newberry lane:

**i am drinking a beer and blogging.

**ph is trying to put together a swing for the bean.

**grandma pat is entertaining the bean, trying to keep him from screaming and not letting him fall asleep at the same time. this IS a daunting task.

** the bean is trying to thwart grandma pat's attempts to distract him.

**we are all hoping that the bean likes his new swing and the screaming will cease.

just saying.


  1. I imagine the swing will help and be a comfort to all. I'm glad you
    have Pat close by to help - that's great for all of you!

    Your friends have offered such amazing advice. So many unexpected things change in your life once there's a little one. I'm glad I didn't try
    to be artistic or creative - except cooking - until mine were older.
    Now I have projects all over, but I'm old!

    I look forward to seeing you and Chace next month in NM.

    SGWC (I love it that Chace and I have the same initials, kind of mixed around!)

  2. You know Finn was a screamer - the car seat, his bed, any where and for HOURS at a time...Have you tried GripeWater? I even mixed it in with his formula at didn't work every time but enough that I didn't go stark raving mad! Good luck!