tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

** the bean is not happy. he has been screaming for two days.

** his mama is beat down, worn out and out of tricks to amuse him.

** thankfully, she still loves him.

** especially when he smiles.

** she figures that she is now "paying for her rais'n"

** the bean received his social security card and birth certificate in the mail.

** now we can get him a passport,

** i did not lose any weight last week.

** better luck this week.

** i am still plugging away on the string quilt.

** i have been thinking about cooper alot lately.

** perhaps it is because the anniversary of his memorial service is coming up.

** we are currently watching alot of hockey here on newberry ln.

** its playoff time!

** i wish the pediatricians would let babies sleep on their stomachs.

** the bean would be a much happier baby.

** thankfully it is nice out, so we walk and walk and walk.


  1. You might want to ask. ;-) When my oldest was born, it was side sleeping but when G came along it was "back to sleep" and he simply refused. After an off-hand comment about how we were having sleep issues (ie he would only sleep on his belly or being held) the ped said it would be fine, especially for naps. Soon enough Chace will be rolling over and then how he sleeps will be *his* choice. Just make sure that the bedding is firm without any blankets or bumpers.

  2. I'm sorry you're having a bad day. Some of them are just like that.

    I've loved all the flower pictures and can't believe it's been a year since
    I was there to see all the beautiful landscapes.

    It's nice you can get out and walk - that's good for everyone.

    Stay strong! See you in one month in Santa Fe.


  3. Have you tried GasX? You'd be surprised how upset little babes get when they have gas.
    He's old enough to have some now..so give it a whirl. You might be surprised. And something warm on his tummy. A heating pad (not too hot, obviously) :)

    I think you're doing an amazing job.
    Hang in there.

    Soon he'll go back to his loveable, cuddly, NON-Screaming self.

    I'm certain of it.


  4. The South Americans and Europeans believe in it , so what you wanting for, he's going to try it sooner than later anyways!

    via la Ouzo!!!

  5. Finn would NOT sleep on his back...NOT. AT. ALL. My ped said the same thing - it's ok if you have a good, firm mattress- I got a Baby Sense Monitor that goes under the baby mattress and it works beautifully! I highly recommend it. The peace and quiet is priceless!

  6. Awww, sleep issues. How about a hot water bottle wrapped in flannel?
    My nephew could not sleep unless he was swaddled in flannel and propped on his side (with a mini-bolster behind him).

    Patricia knitter39 @ hotmail.com

  7. hey luc, luke and kate oth hated sleeping on there backs. back when i had tayler( 19yrs ago)you wee told to put them on their stomach only. i started them on there side with a propped balnket and then just to the stomack and they slept fine. i also learned to let them cry and sooth themselves back to sleep. of course i went in after 5 min with a gentle pat, the 10 min then 10 etc. hard but it worked for them. hang in there and i would love to come over and watch him so u can sew or do something, i need a baby fix!!! Please call