tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

** the bean continues to steal my heart everyday.

** i am looking forward to getting me cooper tattoo soon. i have had it designed for some time.

** my mom and i ran a few errands today so i could get out to smell the people.

** the bean has his appointment with the cardiologist next friday. there is no cause for alarm, this a purely for our peace of mind.

** we are expecting a big storm this week.

** check out my new design collaboration. they would make the perfect shower gift!

** my mom and i are going to do a little sewing tomorrow.

** my emotions are still all over the place. i keep telling myself that this is normal.

** i am enjoying being bale to have both coffee and wine again.

** now, that i am no longer pregnant, i don't constantly crave orange juice.

** i find this odd.

** i am really glad my parents are here. they are a HUGE help and i will miss them when they go home.

** the dogs seem to be taking the bean's arrival in stride. thank goodness.

** i am glad that ice dancing is over, the costumes were way too much for me.


  1. oh lucinda, your post made me smile. agreed about those ice dancing pairs. i am thinking of you often and hope you're feeling well. i know it can be emotional after having a babe and am sure because of your great loss, everything touches your heart more tenderly. things will fall into routine quickly and you'll be feeling more like yourself before you know it.

    so wonderful to have a mama take care of you too! you're one lucky girl, soak it in.

    p.s. i love love love those drool bibs. you and alyssa did wonderful work together.

  2. can't wait to meet the bean tomorrow
    uncle sam