Thursday, February 4, 2010

i am the oldest of 3 children. i am the only girl. there are 3 years between luke and i. and 5 years between sam and i. we are all very different and have taken different life paths. for the most part we get along. sure we have our sibling squabbles, rivalries, and revert to our childhood roles when we are all together, but when it comes down to it we are each other's biggest fan. i think that we are lucky.

my relationship with each brother is very different. one is not better than the other. one is not stronger than the other. each one is just different. there are no favorites, but i am the favorite sister. they have been an enormous support for me over the past year, stepping up to the plate and proving that nothing is more important than family.

in recent months, both brothers have talked to me on separate occasions about blogging. should they start a blog? what platform should they use? what do i write? who do i write to? advertise or not? after their own research on the subject, i am happy to say that they both are now part of the blogging family. their blogs are very different from mine and are very specific to who they are, the path they are on and what they are passionate about.

luke's blog is chronicling his journey to answer the question "what do you do?" as he embarks on the path as small business owner. and sam's blog is about fly fishing, a pastime that he is passionate about and used as the basis of his phd dissertation.

their respective blogs may not be your thing, thats ok. i want to share my siblings with you because i am very proud of both of them and the grownups they have become.


  1. you're a great big, sis, Lucinda. you've really inspired Sam (and me). i'll talk to you this weekend.....


  2. Thanks, sis. Thank you for all your advice, critique, and support over all these years. You certainly helped make whatever we do possible.

  3. Grownups? ha ha speak for yourself! When you live in Never = NEver land you cant grow up, there is no growing up . . .