sunday baking

Sunday, February 7, 2010

sour cream sugar cookies, that will change your life, is that the recipe says. well, i was intrigued. i love sugar cookies, in particular cut outs from wegmans with lots of frosting. they are divine. so i thought i would give this recipe a try.

they are good, but they are not life changing good. i will say that i did not frost them, maybe i should have, maybe i will. i ran out of steam, my pregnant body would not let me stand any longer. precious husband said that he liked them fine without frosting. so naked they will remain. maybe its the frosting that makes them life changing, but i will have to wait until i am no longer pregnant to find out.

i did learn one important baking lesson this week. when baking soda loses its power, you end up with flat cookies. precious husband and i were talking about how despite the fact that the cookies i have made over the last few weeks have been good, they have been very flat, which leads to crispy cookies. the only thing that was the same in all the cookies was the baking soda, which led us to believe that it was past its prime. i have this app on my iphone, called still tasty, which tells you the shelf life of stuff. its fantastic. i looked it up and sure enough, baking soda after opened is only good for 6 months. i am quite certain that the baking soda i had been using was older than 6 months. so i bought new baking soda this week, and today's baking adventure produced very fluffy cookies.

who knew?


  1. yo add this to my order please . . . I am still waiting on all my food btw?

  2. wow. wow. wow. i was just kicking myself the other day for such horribly flat chocolate chip cookies. so ugly my man couldn't take them to work for his birthday. am totally getting new baking soda. thanks miss lucinda.