swaddling, poop and sleep.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

this is what i have learned in the last 2 weeks since the bean's arrival.

**i suck at swaddling. i mean really suck at it. i think i have a good swaddle going and within minutes of picking the bean up, he manages to free his arms out the top, expose his feet and have the blanket in a basic wad around his neck. and the thing is, he really likes to be swaddled. but when he is cranky forget about it. its a lost cause. fortunately, precious husband is pretty darn good at swaddling. unfortunately, he will have to go back to work soon which leaves me wrestling with the bean and the swaddle blanket.

**i have never had so much conversation center around poop. whose poop you may ask? well mine and the bean's. conversation stems around when was the last time either one of us pooped. and every time we change a diaper, there is disappointment that it is only a wet one. seems he takes after his mama and is not as regular as some. i called the dr yesterday because i was concerned that he was only pooping once a day. the nurse asked me in this calm voice, "well, have you tried stimulation with a thermometer and vaseline?" "no" i replied. thinking to myself , how in the hell would i know to do that? she explained what to do in a very matter of fact voice, answered some more of my questions and sent me on my way. we will be exploring this subject more in depth on monday when we visit the pediatrician.

**sleep, what sleep? i am so tired and miss my sleep. and the sad thing is my parents are here to help, how tired am i going to be when they leave. i am one of those people who loves sleep. when i was little i could never go to a sleepover, because i would inevitably get sick because i stayed up all night. back to my current state of sleepless, this morning after precious husband fed the bean around 3 am and put him back in his hammock (he is sleeping in this brilliant contraption next to our bed) i kept my back to him, thinking if i don't look at him he wont wake up. it worked, he slept until 5:30. but i do miss my sleep.......ahhh, motherhood.

i wonder what i will learn next week....


  1. Buy a couple Halo Sleep sacks. They make swaddling mistake proof. And they come in cotton or fleece so you can choose your warmth. They're not as cool as the kitchy swaddle blankets...but a squirmy baby stands no chance against their powers!! (the power of....Velcro!!)

    Elena pooped every time she nursed. At 2.4, she still poops at least once a day. Stella on the other hand...has the nastiest smelling gas and hasn't pooped since Tuesday. And prior to that it had been a few days. She's not cranky, and her tummy is still soft, so right now I'm hoping that she's just working on setting her own rhythm. Maybe the bean is doing the same?

    Ahhhh...the things we never thought we'd say as parents, huh? :)

    And I'm with you on the sleep! It gets better. By 8 weeks it'll be a whole new ballgame. Hang in there - and be thankful for coffee and naps.


  2. poop talk and I missed it . . . you know I am the Dr when it comes to this subject!

  3. We always read about poops every feeding, but the fact is, for every norm there is a normal that can differ greatly. My oldest (exclusively breastfed) would poop once per WEEK. And while you really had to be prepared for that day, the ped said it was completely normal. My youngest pooped once ever 1-3 days and fortunately by then I was prepared for this "normal". As long as the poops are soft, it is all good.

  4. luc, i have to say, "let go of sleep" it will never be the same, and it will be ok. Tayler is 19 and when she pulls out of that drive i still make her wake me to let me know she is home. if she doesnt, i get out of bed and check to see if she and or the car is there. swaddle, well never a big fan. i guess kate liked it most but only the 1st few weeks. i saw a baby the other day, he had to be at least 4-5 months. the Mom had him so wrapped up and he was screamin, she kept wrapping. well after he "got out" no screamin. i so wanted to say, just let him go, he doesnt seem to like being "wrapped" kept my mouth shut as she re-wrapped and he started all over again :)
    just my thoughts

  5. I second what mrspelton said "Buy a couple Halo Sleep sacks. They make swaddling mistake proof." I also completely suck at swaddling, and like you, have a husband that is super good at it, but with the Halo Sleepsack Swaddle, I don't need to wake him up everytime or fumble with it when he's at work. Plus, it's just so much safer then a regular blanket that they can get out of (at least my baby does since I can't do it tight enough). And get a couple, they get dirty easily!