show and tell

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

amy butler "love" fabric and anna maria horner "little folks" fabric. don't know what i am going to make but just HAD to have it.

fabric from scarlet fig. i couldn't resist the donkeys wearing wellies.

the beginning of luke's quilt. 3 string blocks down, 37 more to go. it's a labor of love.

my newest hat design, dimples. made with 100% pure cashmere. hat and pattern will soon be in etsy shop.


  1. You look beautiful!
    I loved being pregnant. SO, I live in Annapolis, Maryland and let me tell you the snow is unbelievable. We got socked again with another 15" after getting 28" this past weekend. Darling husband has been shoveling non-stop. I think he secretly LOVES IT. But we are all getting stir crazy...and Starbucks was closed! Get some rest, the baby will be coming soon!!

  2. oh that donkey fabric is so yummy! and you look beautiful in the next post! god bless you and the next exciting weeks!!!