tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

** it is very hard to type with one finger wrapped in a huge wad of gauze and tape.

** i was very stupid and tried to put a new rotary blade on my rotary cutter without it being in the off position.

** fingers bleed alot.

** i only have one more pre-natal appointment before the bean is born. i cant tell you how happy this makes me.

** i did not gain any weight from last week's appointment to this week's appointment.

** this too makes me very happy.

** last week i did, however, hit the 30 pound mark.

** i started a new quilt yesterday. this one is for my brother.

** he requested a queen size quilt in black and white.

** i am trying a new technique. i think it will be really hip and modern, but it is going to be labor intensive.

** the new floors are in and they look great.

** precious husband worked very hard.

** i wanted the colts to win the superbowl, but i loved the picture of drew brees and his son. priceless.

** i thought the ads were very sexist this year. this bothered me.

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