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Sunday, January 25, 2009

i read blogs, alot of blogs actually. i start my day with a cup of coffee in front of my computer, reading blogs. i started off reading knitting blogs, then added those that pertained to cooking, and then parenting was added to the list and it goes on and on... the thing about blogs is that you find one person you like and then look at bloggers they like and before you know it you are reading 50 blogs and the list keeps growing.

so the other day i was catching up with design mom and she was talking about this blogger and a recent entry titled "100 dresses". so i was moved to check it out. the subject of this particular entry was how she was going to draw 100 dresses and use her creativity to deal with her grief surrounding her mothers death. this entry struck a particular chord with me. how could i turn my knitting into something meaningful? use it to as part of my grief process?

in the blogging world, i am what they call a lurker, meaning i dont leave comments. but in this particular instance i was compelled to delurke and email this person and let her know about cooper and how she had inspired my to try to use my creativity, not only to process my grief but as a way to honor cooper.

this was part of the response i received from her :

"I could not let this note go without an immediate reply. There are really no words to express how sorry I am for the loss of your son and how much I wish, even while acknowledging one must move through grief in order to get past it, that I could pluck you from this place of overwhelming pain and sadness. My dear girl, I would just give you a hug if I could. "

i was so moved by her response. and what i realized was that grief and loss connects people together. while she could not imagine losing a child, she could relate to what it feels like to lose someone you care about. and even though we do not know each other, we could connect. i have found through this journey that the support of strangers is just as powerful as those of friends and family. and sometimes it is those people who you hardly know that move you the most. i was so grateful for this bloggers comments, they came at just the right time and when i needed someone to understand what i was feeling and experiencing.

and as far as how i am going to use my creativity to process my grief and honor my sweet cooper, well you will just have to stay tuned.....

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