tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

** currently i am eating a bowl of rice and drinking a diet coke.

** i am so ready for warm weather.

** for those of you who have asked, yes the sewing room was a collaboration between myself and ph.

** well, he did all the hard work.

** i had the vision of what i wanted.

** i think that chace climbs the stairs at least 20 times a day.

** i am having a huge shop update tomorrow.

** i have a number of new designs that are perfect for warmer weather.

** tonight is pizza night.

** we are back to our regularly scheduled lives now that ph has gone back to work.

** my hair is out of control today.

** now, that chace is eating food, our grocery bill has increased by 40 dollars.

** i attribute this to the fact that he will only eat fruit and vegetables.

** i love my local quilt shop.

** i need new jeans desperately.

**happy tuesday!

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