Thursday, March 17, 2011

this morning was hard.
really hard.
but chace did great
and made it through
with flying colors.

we wont know
the results of the test
or what the next step will be
until we have our follow up
appointment next week.

i did not sleep much last night.
i woke up every hour.
i realized that today was the 17th
the same date as cooper's surgery.

the drive in to the hospital was long.
when the nice woman in radiology
handed me the green id tag for chace
i thought i was going to come unglued.

but i kept it together.

the nurses and doctors were great.
they understood that the last time
i gave my baby to an anesthesiologist
he did not come home with me.

so they let ph and i stay with chace
in the CT suite until
he was asleep.
and then we waited.

when chace woke up
he started talking.
they came to get us
and chace reached for us.

that was the best sight ever.
he was a brave little guy
and it was much harder
on his mama and daddy.

thank you for all your
thoughts, prayers, and good thoughts.
it helped us make it
through the morning.

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