dear finn

Monday, March 28, 2011

welcome to the world baby finn!

this your aunt luc writing. your favorite aunt. ok, your only "blood aunt". i am glad that you finally decided to join us. you sure put your mama and papa through alot when you made your entrance. i know, you were just breaking them into parenthood on your terms.

i sure wish that you did not live so far away. i so long to hold you, smell you and snuggle you. it makes me sad that i wont get to meet you until christmas. you will be so big by then. your cousin chace is anxious to meet you and teach you all the tricks he knows. i can not wait to see the two of you play together. your dad, uncle luke and i had such grand adventures with our cousins growing up. i want that for you and chace.

try to go easy on your parents in the next few weeks. you did not arrive with a handbook and it takes moms and dads a little time to figure out parenthood. be patient. enjoy your time with both of them home. let them snuggle you. hold you. and love you. this is the greatest gift you can give them. oh and let them sleep, as much as you can.

love you always,
aunt luc


  1. oh man. i think my uterus just jumped. what a delicious looking baby. he is perfect. a perfect Alaskan baby. congrats to sam and liz.

  2. Lucy,
    I wanted to comment last night, but you had me all in tears and it wasn't even that teary of a letter! Baby Finn can't wait to meet you, uncle Jamey, and cousin Chace. I know Chace will have many things to show him just as you have been there with advice and support to your little bro in the steps of our own parenthood journey. Lets hope we can concoct a plan to meet up in FL in the summer so you don't have to wait until Dec. to meet him.
    Sam (Liz and Finn)